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Various toolkits are available

To guide parents in exploring different emotions and coping strategies with their children:

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Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

This toolkit looks at exploring and understanding feelings. It assists parents with talking about emotions at a level your child understands and normalizing difficult feelings which may be difficult to express. Various games and tools are included to guide parents with approaching and thinking about supporting their children’s emotional development.

EQ parent booklet

EQ activities

Washable markers

A5 diary

Emoji stickers

Mini bendy man

Full kit

Compact kit

EQ parent booklet

EQ activities

Building Emotional Intelligence (EQ) in your child!

Research has found that teaching your child emotional intelligence equips them with essential skills to be successful later on in life. Emotional intelligence allows us to not only understand ourselves, but also the people around us and helps us to improve how we function in our environments.

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Fears & Anxieties

Throughout development, children experience differing fears and anxieties. Whilst most of these may be developmentally appropriate and expected, these can become overwhelming for both children and parents. This toolkit looks at the most common childhood fears and how to assist children in understanding how to manage better with them.

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Discipline & Positive Reinforcement

One of the most challenging aspects of parenting is discipline and understanding what works for your child and family. This toolkit looks at different methods parents can use to enforce family rules, develop routine and use positive reinforcement to encourage good behaviour.

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