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How to make sure you’re communicating effectively with your child

One of our main roles as parents is to model and foster positive communication habits in our children

This leads to a positive self-concept which later influences our child’s confidence, motivation and capacity to deal with stress and negative experiences.

When communicating with your child, you need to bear their age and reasoning capacity in mind, as well as the kind of language to use and how you respond.

Remember that often our children desire our attention, and when they talk to us is when we can give them what they need.

Tips for communicating with children of all ages

For babies and toddlers:

  • Respond to their cries because this is also a way of communicating for young children
  • Attend to their needs and talk them through it
  • Physically lower yourself and face your child so that you’re at eye level and seem less intimidating
  • Maintain eye contact to maintain connection to your child
  • Allow your child to say what they need to say and allow them to finish talking before you interrupt or respond
  • Encourage them to keep going and tell you more
  • Be attentive – try not to show impatience or distraction while your child is talking
  • Answer questions using simple language and reassuring gestures

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