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Self-care is not selfish: a must-read for busy moms

In the safety briefing before a plane takes off, we’re always told to “secure your own oxygen mask first before you attempt to assist someone else with theirs”

This is because in an emergency, we need to equip ourselves with what we need (in this case oxygen) to have the capacity to help others effectively. This is what self care is.

The past few months have been a time of massive change, disruption and adjustment

While initially we may have been pre-occupied with how to make the changes work, as we have settled into new routines, our new reality has been settling into our minds as well.

Many parents are currently feeling stressed and overwhelmed by the ongoing uncertainty and pressure to function “normally” during what is still an abnormal time. Socially, we haven’t been able to see our extended families, friends or colleagues; while trying to balance working from home and remote learning with our children.

It is therefore important for parents to also prioritise their own health and well-being, so they can remain effective in everything they juggle in their lives.

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“Reprinted from all4women”

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