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Understand your child’s learning style – and help them to use it effectively

Over the past couple of months, parents have been faced with a grave task – remote learning and helping our children navigate this territory

Supervising and helping out with homework is one thing, but ensuring our children are learning new concepts everyday is something else. Parenting in a pandemic is no easy feat, which is why knowing how best your child learns is important to help you out right now.

Scientists explain that the way information enters our brain is through our senses – we see, we touch, we hear, we smell and we taste. This is how we take in and process new information and are able to store it into our memories. Learning styles focus on how best we take in information from our senses and making sure we optimize our learning and memory.

While there are several theories which explain various learning styles, we are going to focus on the main three: Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic

Children with a visual learning style need to SEE information in order to learn it

The more visual information is, the more they will be able to understand and remember it. A child with this learning style will learn best by:

• Copying something they see written down
• Writing and re-writing notes
• Using mind maps
• Highlighting key points with coloured pens/highlighters
• Using flashcards
• Watching videos or looking at pictures
• Using graphs, charts and posters to understand information

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